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At the University of Bayreuth, the Foundation of International Management regularly invites researchers to accept the honour of the Ludwig Erhard Visiting Professorship. Ludwig Erhard has been the first minister of economic affairs in Germany after the Second World War to whom we attribute the “Wirtschaftswunder”, a period of enduring economic wealth. The foundation has the goal to support the invitation of internationally well known and highly decorated researchers in order to improve the research and lecture at the University of Bayreuth in the matter of international management.

The previous Dignitaries:

Roderick Brodie

Roderick J. Brodie
University of Auckland, New Zealand

contact: r.brodie@auckland.ac.nz
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2016

Stephen Vargo

Stephen L. Vargo
Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

contact: svargo@hawaii.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2010

Barry Gerhart

Barry Gerhart
Wisconsin School of Business, USA

contact: bgerhart@bus.wisc.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2008

Brent Ritchie

J. R. Brent Ritchie
University of Calgary, Canada

contact: britchie@ucalgary.ca
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2006

Robert Bryer

Robert A Bryer
Warwick Business School, USA

contact: rob.bryer@wbs.ac.uk
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2004

Rolf Wigand

Rolf T. Wigand
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA

contact: rtwigand@ualr.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2003

Rudy Hirschheim

Rudy Hirschheim
Louisiana State University, USA

contact: rudy@lsu.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2001

Mark Scherer

F. M. Scherer
John F. Kennedy School of Government, USA

contact: mike_scherer@havard.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 2000

Peter Dowling

Peter Dowling
University of Wellington, Australia

contact: peter.dowling@vuw.ac.nz
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in WS 1999/2000

Mark Mendenhall

Mark Mendenhall
University of Tennessee, USA

contact: mark-mendenhall@utc.edu
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 1998

Everett Rogers

Everett M. Rogers †
Ludwig-Erhard-Professorship in SS 1996

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